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PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE GREEN LOGIN BUTTON AND NOT CLICK ENTER ON YOUR KEYBOARD WHEN TRYING TO LOG INTO THE PARENT SITE. If you forgot your password please click on the above words " FORGOT PASSWORD" next to the green login button. A password will be sent to you. When you receive the temporary password please click on the parent access site link within the email that was sent to you otherwise the temporary password will not work . Once into the Parent module a box will pop up for you to change your password and the current password field must be filled in with your temporary password<> Grades will be posted in Gradebook for grades 4-12 according to the following: Minor Assessments within one week of assessment. Major Assessments posted by the 15th or 30th of the month depending on date of assessment completion (these assessments include major projects, summative assessments, research papers/projects, major essays, etc). Student work will be returned in a timely manner coinciding with grade posting.